Meet Bradley Dean Whyte

Bradley Dean Whyte (Music Director) is a huge Beck fan and claims that it was Beck’s “Midnight Vultures” that made him want to produce his own music.  He has been playing with sound his whole life and, as a child, his mother called him “Watergate” because he used to hide his tape-recorder in sneaky places around the neighborhood.  He began producing professionally in 2004, after a career as a regional theatre stage actor.  In 2011, he finished his first studio record, Emperor’s New Tea after listening to a lot of Monkees, Beatles, Beck, They Might Be Giants, Prince, and Harry Nilsson.  He continues to work on several recording projects, including the new Baby Goes Bang album.  Whyte has collaborated with Anton Fig (Drummer for the CBS Orchestra on The Late Show with David Letterman) and Becca Ayers (Broadway performer and songwriter) as well, as writing music for The Utah Shakespearean Festival, Florida Studio Theatre, The Alley Theatre and The Cape Playhouse. He is also involved with Houston’s improv theatre scene, and plays piano for Houston Comedy Sportz.  Whyte holds a M.F.A in Acting from Penn State.