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“Muddy River”

My heart is breaking for Houston right now. I have such mixed feelings having gotten out just in time. On one hand, grateful. On another hand, guilty that I can’t be there to help anyone. In the meantime, an offering of inspiration: Laurie Anderson and Brian Eno wrote a song called “Muddy River” almost 20 years ago and it seems prophetic. (This cover uses samples from the Monkees catalogue for the instrumentation) “We begin again down by the Muddy River.” Houston is strong. We will get through this. But the work isn’t over yet. https://youtu.be/cRHa0B1mt9o #houston #flood #houstonflood #harvey #hurricaneharvey

Internet Radio – Snow Jams – dubs SPAZCANDY as “Album Of The Year 2015”

Listen To Sheldon Snow’s SNOW JAMS!:

“SpazCandy Album of the Year 2015” http://newusb.co.uk/djs/sheldon/mp3gallery/content/shows/94.mp3

To listen, click on the link above and scrub to 1 hour, 10 minutes in…
Thank You, Sheldon Snow!

12391963_10153254006453193_3876098136800924170_n photo by Laura Spector

SPAZCANDY [Deluxe Edition] (2015)

New Videos!


The Perfectly Violent Dream with Becca Ayers – SPAZCANDY [DELUXE EDITION] is available exclusively right here!  

“One listen and your mind is wiped clean with a sweet, gooey, pop/ acid, confection! A full album of guilty pleasure songs! “

-Vinnie Zummo (Musician, Swinging Guitar Sounds Of Young America, Vol. 1,2,3/Joe Jackson Band)

“The pop artists behind SPAZCANDY are clearly engaged in a hot, sweaty love affair with pop music. The clearest evidence of this is the fact that they don’t just pay homage to one particular pop sound – they pay homage to, well… all of them. And yet they somehow also manage to sound completely original. It’s like some kind of acid-tinged black magic.”

-David Lee White, (Author, Fantomas In America)

“SPAZCANDY rocks. I’ve been a fan of Becca Ayers for several years, and this collaboration with Bradley Dean Whyte does not disappoint. Their lyrics are offbeat and messy like life, with a mash-up of innocence and worldliness, hope and cynicism. The beats are catchy and hummable. The sound emanates a pure joy and love of music, with melodies and harmonies that invite the listener to join in on that love fest. I guess that’s what makes SPAZCANDY such a satisfying listen. Ayers and Whyte are playing WITH you, not AT you. You are transported to their apartment. You are lying on the worn IKEA rug nursing a warm beer, getting a fossilized piece of pretzel stuck to your elbow, because, let’s face it, they’re not the best housekeepers in town.”

-David Caudle, Playwright

Internet Radio is where it’s at.

Internet Radio Rules, Check out these awesome sources for music you may have not heard before:

365 Radio Network – http://365radionetwork.com
Rock 365 Radio – http://rock365radio.com
Indie 365 Radio – http://indie365radio.com
Metal 365 Radio – http://metal365radio.com
Xtreme 365 Radio – http://xtreme365radio.com
Elite 365 Radio – http://elite365radio.com
Ultimate 365 Radio – http://ultimate365radio.com
Full Impact Radio – http://fullimpactradio.com
WNDY Radio – http://wndyradio.com
Indie Tube Tv – http://indietube.tv
Decibels In Motion – http://decibelsinmotion.com
Eagle Eye Music Promotions – http://eagleeyemusicpromotions.com
Shake Da Cage – http://shakedacage.com
Highway Rock Radio – http://highwayrockradio.com
Wild Horses Radio – http://wildhorsesradio.com
Generation Mix Radio – http://generationmixradio.com


I can’t believe it’s been a year…

So it’s been about a year since Beck Hansen’s Song Reader hit the stands.  And a year since the music collective, The Perfectly Violent Dream, began rehearsing with the music in preparation for the first live complete Song Reader concert in the world.  I have been slow to mix the concert (I’m a school teacher by day and, well, that drains most of my energy) but, in the meantime, there are some tracks here… and I’ll be adding tracks as I finish them.  So let me hear a “Hell Yes!” and a “Please Enjoy!”

Amazing Fun at Beck Song Reader Rehearsal Saturday Night, a sneak peak.

Tonite we played through and arranged “Why Did You Make Me Care?” and “Eyes That Say I Love You” (Beck Hansen) from Song Reader. The concert at the Mohawk is in less than a week (December 15th, 2012). Much more to do. In the meantime, here are some videos of rehearsals. Shelby (electric guitar) and Emily (back-up vocalist) were out tonite and were missed and I can’t wait to add them in the mix. Kevin Carroll, Kevin Clark, Ammon Taylor and (maybe) Jay Minton will be joining us at other rehearsals. (photography and video by Laura Spector)

Videos may still be processing… check back later if they are blank

Pictured here are Geoff Cline, Andrew Uzendoski, Jessica Alberthal, Julie Foster, Bradley Dean Whyte (music director)