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THE PERFECTLY VIOLENT DREAM was the first band in the world in give a public performance of three-time grammy award-winning artist, Beck Hansen’s SONG READER. Performed at The Mohawk in Austin, The SONG READER show premiered just one week after the sheet music was released in December 2012. BECK’S SONG READER in an unconventional “album” that was not recorded but, rather, released as vintage-style, turn-of-the-century sheet music — harkening back to the nostalgic era of home-play music, before radios and phonographs.
Since it’s release, SONG READER has inspired several “D.I.Y.” concerts across the globe. There is no definitive SONG READER album and each concert is a unique experience that brings people together to hear an “album” the way people did before there were… albums. The music is diverse and the song collection covers a range of styles that span the 20th century.
THE PERFECTLY VIOLENT DREAM is music collective of rotating musicians lead by Bradley Dean Whyte. Whyte’s debut psych-pop album, “The Emperor’s New Tea” featured collaborations with drummer Anton Fig (David Letterman/CBS Orchestra) and Vinnie Zummo (Joe Jackson’s lead guitarist). Whyte’s version of Beck’s “Do We? We Do” was ranked among the best Song Reader interpretations on and